Welcome to my  new website. Today I just wanted to share why I decided to create Powerful Visuals. When I was a kid I loved to make up stories and naturally I would be the hero of my favorite shows at the time. One day I was Superman the next a Power ranger but everyday I was the hero. Well now I am all grown up and from time to time I still enjoy being the Hero. Only now I am able to use my Graphics Skills to make a Stunning visual to go along with it. Last year I went to a Comic Con wearing a shirt showing off my skills and was shocked at the out poor of interest I received. Turns out there are many others who enjoy the same thing. So now I am sharing my gifts to create stunning visuals for others. I would like to use this blog to Write the stories of new visuals and get feedback for them. So stay tuned to this blog to get fun stories and interact as much as you like!


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    August 2014